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None Shall Pass

The song is fresh as fuck.

Who wants to try and help figure out the lyrics to it?

Feeble attempts behind

None Shall Pass~

Flash that buttery goal, jittery zeitgeist;
wither by the watering hole, what a patrol,
what are we, the heart-huckabee art fucks suddenly?
not enough young in his lung for the waterwing?
colorfully vulgar poacher outta mulch like,
"I'm a pull the pulse out a soldier and bolt."
Fine... sign of the time we elapse
when a primate climb up his spine and attach.
Eye for an eye by the bog life swamps and blinds
to get a rise out of frogs and flies,
so when a dog bites, hog-tied prize sorta forced to life,
get mouths watered with a fork and knife.
and the allure isn't right (nope)
score on a wartorn beach where the cash cow's actually beef
blood turns wine when i leap for police like "that's not a riot, it's a feast... let's eat!"

And I will remember your name and face on the day you were judged by the funhouse cast,
And I will rejoice in your fall from grace, with a cane to the sky like, "none shall pass."
...none shall pass...

now, if you never had a day a sno-cone couldn't fix...
he went over lay ?? rowboat ??
so he spoke to a no-doze motor on the fritz,
'cause he wouldn't play roll over/fetch like a bitch.
and express the regrets though he isn't where the homeowner pissed to the jokers who posed by the glitz:
fine...sign of the swine and the swarm when a king is a whore who comply and conform.
miles outside of the eye of the storm with a siphon, a lure, ?? prize and award,
while avoiding the violent bazaar that is violence and war,
true blue triumph is more...
like great, let 'em snake ?? the centerfold, let 'em break the walls of Jericho, ready (go!)
sat where the old cardboard city folk swapped tales with the heads like every other penny-throw


(You tried to trick me. You've got a lot of nerve!)
(I'm not trying to trick you. I'm trying to help.)

Okay, woke to a grocery list...
goes like this: duty and death.
honey wanna jet? come stand in the way,
you can be my little Snake River Canyon today.
And I ran with a chain of commands and a jetpack strapped
where the backstab lands if it can,
Fine... Sign of the vibe in the crowd when I cut a belly open a ?? will climb out,
?? gusto he must erupt to make a darkhorse rush like "enough's enough,"
they musta... struck a nerve, so they huff and puff before the king's men fluster and clusterfuck
and it's a beautiful thing to my people who keep an impressive wingspan even when the cubicle shrink,
you gotta pull up the intruder by the root of the weed, ?? chew through the machine...


Contribute your opinions! It'll be fun.
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